Y-Warm Introduction

Y-Warm is a kind of brand new flexible thermal insulation material which was firstly developed in the world by a Chinese team. This project was launched in Beijing, China, in 2013, successfully developed in lab in 2017, and achieved mass production in 2019

Beijing Matrix technologies co., ltd. was established on 13th Jun. 2020. Main business is research & development, production and sales of thermal insulation material.6


Y-Warm is a brand new technology break-through in the history of thermal insulation material, which provides more development opportunities for several industries, with the help of MatrixTech, innovation of downstream products is not a challenge. For example: cold-proof clothing made by Y-warm, comparing with traditional down jacket, it drops 80% thickness, has 5 times thermal insulation property, is more energy efficient and environmental friendly.


Y-Warm is a kind of flexible thermal insulation material, with very low thermal conductivity, which made from functional polymer and fabric.

After global patent database retrieval we found this technology is first successfully researched and developed by us, and already applied Chinese and International patent. 


Y-Warm application field

Y-Warm  material’s applicable temperature range is from -50 to 150 centigrade, which can be used for more than 20 industries, e.g. garment, tent, transportation, curtain and wall paper thermal insulation. It is a kind of innovative thermal insulation material that solves a number of technical challenges in the market, promotes upgrading of products in downstream industry, saves energy, protects the environment and reduces carbon emissions.

Thermal conductivity of  MatrixTech tested by different methods

Y-Warm  material’s thickness is less than 1 mm, surface is not very smooth, and it has very good thermal insulation property, all these features challenge the limitation of testing instruments, so exiting equipment and methods can’t give absolute value of thermal conductivity of MatrixTech material. Below form is the thermal conductivity of MatrixTech measured by different test methods.


Production process and environmental indicator of  Y-Warm

Core technology of MatrixTech material production is that the whole process only use water based material which is recognized as the most environmentally friendly material in chemical industry. Additionally water vapor in production process is recycled, so the whole process is almost zero emission, and final product VOC test result is “ND” level.

The meaning of invention of  Y-Warm

Y-Warm  material occupies fewer resources and improves energy efficiency, environmental friendly production process and the application for more than 20 industries can avoid overlapping investment, reduce cost of products and raw materials storage, achieve the maximum use of limited resources.

Successful development of  Y-Warm  can cut down the use of down, reduce harm to animals and pollution to environment, so that people, animals and environment can live in harmony.

Y-Warm got the award "TOP 10 of the FIBERS & INSULATIONS category" in ISPO Munich Textrends 2021 to 2022.

ISPO Medal